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Type of Membership:
  • Maple Corporate Membership – approx. Rp 275,000,000 (equiv. USD 20,000 annually**)
  • Oak Corporate Membership – approx. Rp 70,000,000 (equiv. USD 5,000 annually)
  • Pine Corporate Membership – approx. Rp 7,000,000 (equiv. USD 500 annually)
  • Individual Membership – approx. Rp 700,000 (equiv. USD 50 annually)

* All annual membership fees are paid via-transfer in IDR only in accordance to the Bank Indonesia regulation no. 17/3/PBI/2015 (unless specified otherwise) based on JISDOR rate published by Bank Indonesia on the day of invoice issuance. For ilustration purposes, the above fees are based on JISDOR rate 02/11/2015 Rp 13,682.00

** Each Maple corporate member is also required to show commitment of 3 years; in turn there will be a 10% deduction each year.